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Tennis Solutions Presents
Tennis Masters - 18th Series
Open Men and Ladies
Due to the popularity of the Masters Series, Tennis Solutions hereby announce the 18th Tennis Masters Series. This is an indoor series and offers the opportunity particularly for players who are no longer juniors or for those approaching the end of their junior years to play singles tennis with the possibility of improving ranking, rating or simply to be able to play competitive singles. 
Grade 3 Masters.  Players who are accepted into the men's A draw should always be prepared for matches on both days.  The draws where possible (but dependant upon draw size) are normally compass draws therefore in a full draw all players should anticipate playing an equal number of matches regardless of how many matches they have won or lost.  However when Masters events are linked to junior week-long Grade 3's it may be necessary to use elimination draws if court availability becomes an issue.  In accordance with LTA regulations penalty points will be issued for players withdrawing from the event.
The compass draw is deliberate and is for those players who are genuinely interested in playing tennis over the weekend. Regretfully it seems some entrants see fit to withdraw after the first day when they are disappointed by their match results which takes them "backwards" in the draw. Presumably the number of ranking points on offer no longer appeals to them or perhaps the ratings of the opponents in that part of the draw presents no benefits. Whatever the reason, we urge players with that mentality to seek other tournaments, because the effect of their withdrawal is to reduce the opportunities for those players who as a consequence of those withdrawals have less matches; in addition lower rated players who didn't make the draw (but who would have relished the opportunity to play tennis over the weekend) are denied the opportunity of competing in the tournament.
The size of each of the draws will be dependent upon the overall level of entries into the Masters event.  The men’s A draw will be up to 16 players.  If there is court space it may be possible to introduce a B draw at Grade 4 level for either 8 or 16 players.  There will be one ladies draw of either up to 8 or 16 players depending upon the overall tournament entry.  Whilst the men's A draw will be full sets with a match tie break, the ladies event and any men's B event may be held on just one day and the game format could be shorts sets.  Ultimately the format and draw size of the ladies event and men's B event will be subject to the referee's discretion and will be dependant upon entry levels. The entry fee is based upon the overall cost to run the Masters Series and will remain the same regardless of the draw size or format.  
Match times for the events can be at any time over the weekend but as a general guide matches on the Saturday will rarely start earlier than 11:30 am unless the event is linked with a junior week-long Grade 3 tournament.  
Grade 4 & 5 Express Masters  where advertised are designed to run over one day and the format and match times will depend on the size of the draw.  As a guide, where draws dictate some players having 3 matches, short sets will be used.  Where some players would be involved in 4 matches a Fast4 format has to be used so as to comply with LTA guidelines.

The Masters Series will count for both ratings and rankings. The dates of the events are shown below.  The entry fee is non refundable after the closing date regardless of the reason.  David Lloyd Ashton members will receive a discount on completion of all scheduled matches.
 Masters Series Dates 2019/20

24/25 Aug                              Men/Ladies Open                                     AV019S0857

28/29 Sep                                   Ditto                                                      AVO19W0451

26/27 Oct                                    Ditto                                                      AVO19W0452  

30 Nov/1 Dec                              Ditto                                                     AVO19W0453

Jan 25/26                                    Ditto                                                     AVO19W0454

29 Feb/1 Mar                              Ditto                                                      AVO19W0456                                                                 

At the organisers discretion wild cards may be introduced into any event. In addition the organisers may, at their discretion offer a further wild card into the "A" draw to the winner of the previous B draw tournament only at the request of the player. (Only for tournaments at David Lloyd )

 *In exceptional circumstances or where there are extremely high entries we may run some B draw matches outside.
Previous Masters Series Winners
1st Series - Craig Phillips (Somerset)
 2nd Series - Craig Phillips (Somerset)
                                            3rd SeriesMatthew Bailey (Staffordshire)                                   
4th Series - Josh Gook (Hampshire)
5th Series - Josh Gook (Hampshire)
6th Series - Peter Evans
7th Series - Mark Rowe
                                          8th Series - Ben Watkins (Warks)                                           
9th Series - Mark Walsh (Avon)
10th Series - Ben Watkins (Warks)
11th Series onwards - suspended until further notice